What Exercises Can Increase My Chances of Winning the Longest Drive Contest at the Steve Mitchell Classic?

You do not have to be strong to hit a long drive, but it certainly helps, and you can begin by lifting dumbbells, either in the gym or at home.  There are many ways you can do this; it can be from a sitting position or lying position as a bench press.  Only lift a weight you are comfortable with and never attempt to do more than your body allows.

By working the muscles in your arms, they will become stronger and this results in more power.

Moving from the arms to the legs and you need good strength in your buttocks and legs to pull off your best drive.  Squats will help in that department.  You must stand with your legs shoulder width apart with your arms crossed along your chest.  The knees should be above your ankles and you can lower into a squat position.  Push toward the ground and then return to your start position.

Power in the drive is generated from the legs, so this exercise will help.

Finally, working on your hips and core can help produce a long drive.  Flexibility and rotation are key to good driving technique and this exercise will help with that.  Sit on the floor with your right leg straight and your left leg bent.  Move your right foot, using your arm if required, so it is sitting on top of your left knee.  Pull your right foot slowly towards your left hip as far as you can without feeling any discomfort.  Then gently push it away from you as far as it will go without causing discomfort.  You can do this slowly back and forth for 30 seconds or for as long as you can and remain comfortable.  This will rotate the right hip slightly and you can do the same for the left hip.

What Drills Can I Do to Increase My Chances of Winning the Longest Drive Contest at the Steve Mitchell Classic?

Driving the golf ball a long way is not all about strength, power and flexibility.  You need these elements but if you cannot put them together to make a technically sound drive, you will not be putting them to full use.

You will never win the longest drive contest if you slice or fade the ball when trying to hit it straight.  You will lose a lot of distance.  The best way to improve your accuracy is to stick Sellotape to the face of the driver and hit a shot at the range.  The Sellotape will allow you to see where on the face you hit the ball.  Play a few shots and look where you are striking the ball.  If it is off-centre, you can make some little adjustments, using the tips above, and try again.  Keep doing this drill until you find a good, consistent contact.

In the tips section we talked about teeing the ball high.  However, how high you need to tee the ball for your maximum length drive is a personal thing.  You find out what works best for you at the driving range by hitting 10 balls in three different tee height positions.  Make a note of how far you are striking the ball and see which tee position produces the greatest length of drive.  This is the one you will want to use.

To increase the distance of your drive, you must take the spin off the ball.  The best way to do that is to hit the ball on the upswing with the driver.  To practice this, we can use a combination of some of our tips from above.  Tee the ball up so that half of it is above the face of the driver and stand so the inside of your feet are the same width as the outside of your shoulders.  With 60% of your weight on the back foot and the right shoulder a little below the left, hit your drive.

Depending on the loft of your driver, you may need to make some tiny adjustments but generally, this will get you hitting the ball higher, with less spin and more distance.  Practice this set-up at the driving range.  Hit 10 balls and make small adjustments to your stance and weight distribution to find the perfect combination for your driver.

What Equipment is Recommended to Best Increase My Chances of Winning the Longest Drive Contest at the Steve Mitchell Classic?

Clearly you will need to have a driver in your bag.  Which driver you purchase will depend on what requirements you have as a golfer.  Do you need one with a lot of forgiveness or do you need one which is unforgiving on mishits but fantastic off the sweet spot?  Which driver you buy will depend where you are in your golf development.

You must also consider the loft of the driver.  Do you need help from the driver to get the ball high or are you able to produce the power required for a long drive without a lot of loft on the club?

While much attention is given to the driver and rightly so, the type of golf ball you are using is also very important.  Pulling any old golf ball out of your bag is not going to win you the longest drive contest.  A harder golf ball is best for distance as this type of golf ball will retain power.  However, mishits are more pronounced and if you don’t get it right you may not even be on the fairway, never mind hitting the longest drive.  The opposite to this is a soft golf ball.  This offer more accuracy as the ball can absorb mishits better but this comes at the price of power.

Your swing speed must also be taken into consideration when buying a golf ball to win the longest driver contest.  A player with a medium swing speed will need a different ball to player with a fast swing speed.

The best thing to do, is visit a local golf store and ask to try some out.  By hitting some drives with a selection of ball types you will soon know which one is producing the best results.

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