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How to Deal with Golf Frustration

My friends and I are playing in a tournament on Saturday, so we figured we’d get a warm-up round in this morning. It did not go well. We lost twelve balls and didn’t even finish eighteen holes.

Have you had days like this? It’s frustrating. Two weeks ago, I was hitting every shot, making birdies, chipping within a few feet of the pin, and crushing my driver. Today, I couldn’t get off the tee.

It’s the nature of the game. Even the pros have bad days. Just look at what happened at Winged Foot. Half of the PGA’s top contenders didn’t make the cut. Do you think they were frustrated?

Overcoming a Bad Day

Everyone who plays this God-given game of golf has been through it. I’ve never snapped a club in half, but I’ve certainly felt like it at times. Here’s what I’ve been taught to do to deal with it.

  • Take a Golf Lesson: Taking a lesson can help you figure out exactly what you’re doing wrong. I did indoor golf last winter with a pro golf instructor and shaved five strokes off my handicap this year.
  • Go to the Range More Often: I almost never do this. With limited time to swing the sticks, I usually just shoot nine instead of hitting a bucket of balls. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad option.
  • Play the Shot, not the Score: This is one of my biggest obstacles. I start falling behind and try to play hero golf. Bad idea. Concentrate on the shot right in front of you.
  • Set Realistic Goals: You’re not a PGA golfer. Stop putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. Only ten percent of Americans break 100 on a consistent basis. Start with that.
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Golf is a sport where you can eat junk food, drink beer, and even smoke weed if that’s your preference. It’s also an intensely mental game, so relax and have fun.

You are not alone. If you had a bad day today, tomorrow will be better. If work was stressful, leave it at work. That angry spouse? She (or he) is not on the golf course with you. Leave it all behind and just play. The pros have bad days too. Check out this video.