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Every now and then, a project comes along that inspires me to go above and beyond. I’ve been a writer and web designer for over twenty years and this magazine may be the most important undertaking I’ve ever been involved with. Why? Because it’s about hope and inspiration, and we all need both of those right now.

Steve Mitchell came to me via one of the freelance sites I belong to and we instantly hit it off. His story, called My Fight, is published here, so please check it out. He was paralyzed in a diving accident on May 19, 2009 and told he’d never walk again, perhaps never even breathe again without a respirator.

Steve’s co-workers put together a golf tournament to help him pay for medical expenses and this magazine was originally designed to promote that tournament. It has evolved into so much more, though. The stories in this magazine are written to inspire people to go that extra mile, defy the impossible, and live their dreams.

If you are a golfer, fall is usually the time of year when your season is wrapping up and you’re putting the clubs away. Don’t give up just yet. The Steve Mitchell Classic is in mid-October in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We’ll be writing a lot about that and previewing other venues around the country that hold fall tournaments.

To inspire, we’ll profile athletes and everyday individuals who defy the odds and overcome all obstacles. Those articles will be pushed to our social media pages, so you can follow us there, or you can subscribe via email and we’ll send content right to your inbox.

Best Regards,

Kevin Flynn

Editor, October Golf Magazine

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